Learn a little about our story

Years of experience

Founded in 1987, in Colores Olucha S.L. We were one of the pioneers in Spain in the production of high quality pigments for tiles and ceramics.

In 2013 we became part of Olucha Deltaglass Group as Deltaglass Chemical Company.

Maintaining tradition and history but introducing and improving production processes to continue being at the forefront.

Historically, the company’s main activity has focused on the production of colors and pigments. After joining, we began to internationalize the company and our product was able to reach many more places in the world.

Thanks to this process, we were able to begin distributing world-class raw materials. Later we added an ink plant that allowed us to expand our range of products and take a significant leap in quality.

Why choose us

Quality, Sustainability and adaptability are the values ​​that define us.


Excellence in service to our clients is part of our policy. Always working with the best raw materials and processes.


Our company minimizes the use of water and energy, promoting recycling in all our production processes.


Active listening is what defines us as a company. Always working to satisfy the needs of all our clients.